Monday, November 1, 2010

A walk down Memory Lane (Stellenbosch Then and Now)

This week at the Oude Leeskamer Guest House we started going through an old file that has been passed along from owner to owner of the Oude Leeskamer building and we found some fantastic photos of the building and the surrounding streets over the years. To share some of this with you we went on a little mission to try and photograph the exact same spots as they look today to show you just how much (or little) has changed in Stellenbosch and at 182 Dorp Street! 

THEN: Dorp Street - late 1800's, looking East. The first building
on the left is now the Stellenbosch Hotel. 

NOW: The same scene - Dorp Street - November 2010, looking
East. Stellenbosch Hotel on the left hand side. 

THEN: Drostdy Street - late 1800's. The Moederkerk (Dutch Reformed
Church) and the Church office. 

NOW: Not much has changed in well over 100 years! Drostdy Street - November
2010. The Moederkerk and the Church office. 

THEN: Oude Leeskamer, 182 Dorp Street - 1950's. The building was
being used as a meeting hall by the Debating Society of Stellenbosch

NOW: Oude Leeskamer Guest House, 182 Dorp Street - November 2010. 
The building is now Stellenbosch's newest Guest House, a boutique 4 star
luxury guest house in the historical town centre. 

THEN: Oude Leeskamer in the 1980's, shortly after it
was converted from a family residence into an Architects

NOW: Oude Leeskamer, November 2010 shortly after it was
restored and converted into a luxury 4 star Guest House. 

THEN: Oude Leeskamer lounge in the mid 1960's. George Osler (Architect)
sitting in his lounge shortly after he restored the building and converted
it into his private residence. 

NOW: Oude Leeskamer Guest House lounge - Novemeber 2010. 
Paul de Kock sitting in the lounge shortly after the building was converted
from an Architects Studio into a new Stellenbosch Guest House by
Fred & Jean de Kock. 

THEN: Oude Leeskamer lounge in the 1970's. George & Pam Osler
enjoying a cup of tea in their lounge. The Osler family are still frequent
visitors to their old home. 

NOW: The Oude Leeskamer Guest House lounge - November 2010.
Paul & Karin de Kock enjoying a cup if tea in the same spot 40 years later. 

We've had great fun putting these pictures together and we'll be sure to keep these updated and to find more to add to the file! Perhaps the next photo will be an Osler family reunion picture on the couch. 

November is already looking very busy in Stellenbosch and the Oude Leeskamer in particular. On top of all the romance we spoke about in last weeks blog, it continued well into this week with more honeymoon couples and even a very recently engaged couple staying with us. Next week we'll be hosting the well known Dutch Orchestra band - Tango Extremo who'll be performing at On Broadway in Cape Town and at the Klein Libertas in Stellenbosch for a couple of nights. We're looking forward to experiencing the fantastic music first hand. If you're in Stellenbosch next week - be sure to head to the Klein Libertas for what promises to be an exciting and fun filled evening.For more information go to:

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